Supplies Overview

     While the majority of children get things supplied through insurance, some items are not covered or not enough supply is provided.The Parker Lee Project can help fill that gap.

     The Parker Lee Project knows how hard it is to get all the supplies and equipment you need for a special needs child. Especially the ones insurance deems a 'luxury,' although actually essential. The Parker Lee Project also knows the struggle it is to find agencies to help get these items or the therapies needed for your child. The Parker Lee Project has learned more than our fair share through diligent research, caring for Parker and being a support to friends and their children as well as their support of us. The Parker Lee Project wants to help as many families and children as possible. The life of a special needs parent is already hard enough. It's a constant fight and battle for survival and to get the things your child needs and deserves. The Parker Lee Project wants to help make it a little easier.

                                      HOW CAN WE HELP AND HOW CAN YOU HELP US

Supplies We Offer

* Enteral Supplies (feeding bags, extenders)

* Trach Supplies (care kits, ties, cleaning supplies, HMEs)

* Incontinence Supplies (different size diapers and briefs)

* Oxygen tubing and cannulas

* IV tubing and care supplies

* Formula

* General Supplies (Gloves, Alcohol Prep Pads, Medical Tape, 2x2 and 4x4 Gauze Pads)

* Diabetic Supplies

* Suction Catheters (ALL different styles and frenchs)

* Mouth Care (toothettes, oral swabs)

Needing Supplies/Equipment

A Request Form is required to receive any donation.Please list detailed description of items you're needing and we will fill your request as best we can. If you're unsure if we have what you need or are needing different assistance, please Contact Us.

Have Supplies To Donate

To donate any unused, unopened medical suuplies or equipment please ship to our address:

1810 S Kaufman St 

Suite 204

Ennis, TX 75119

Or you can Contact Us to arrange a drop off time or for more information.

As a 501(c)(3) The Parker Lee Project can also give a receipt for any donations we receive.       

Items we're currently NOT accepting:

*suction supplies

*oxygen tubing and cannulas

*urinary catheters


*trach care kits

What Do We Do?

Provide needed medical equipment and supplies to families of children with special needs.If you are needing different assistance, please Contact Us.

Need Someone To Listen?

Unload on us, we'll try to help relieve your stress. Please e-mail as much information as possible and The Parker Lee Project will help however we can.

Need More Information?

The Parker Lee Project can help you locate resources and educational information to help relieve some of your caretaker stress. Please e-mail us.