A Touching Encounter

Where to begin ... March 23, 2014 ... something amazing happened. Megan worked on The Parker Lee Project all day long, from the moment she woke up, as she normally does. She and Phillip then went to the garage to work on his race car. Megan carefully cut and removed yellow vinyl from around the letters that proudly display 'The Parker Lee Project.' Neither of them knew at that moment they were destined to meet an angel that very day.

Then arrived Mary, a woman who drive three+ hours with her friend to donate her late husband's medical supplies and equipment. Megan can be so awkward sometimes but the moment they popped into the garage she said hello and even hugged Mary. Megan then was eager to show them around the house and what the Parker Lee Project does. They talked, shared stories, and both held back tears when mentioning their loved ones. Mary then asked how we get the money for shipping costs. Megan explained that it's through donations, that the first six to eight months came out of their own pockets until donations started coming in, and that they also have some exciting fundraisers coming up.

As they were leaving the TPLP storage building, Mary said she would like to make a donation and would write a check at the car. Honestly, Megan was shocked then. This woman wanted to donate more? She just drove a car load of supplies three+ hours and donated them to TPLP to help other families in need . . . but as they continued to chat by the car, Mary handed Megan a folded check. Mary told Megan that her husband, Marty, insisted she tithe. After he passed she said she asked a friend, how do I tithe this much money? Her friend said she would just know. On her drive to Forney Mary prayed. Her eyes were full of tears as she said Marty, her husband, talked to her today. Marty told her this was her time to tithe and told her the amount.

As Megan told her thank you, Mary asked her to open the check. The moment she did, she burst into tears. Ugly crying tears. She sobbed on Mary's shoulder and Mary held her until she could even utter the words 'thank you, this will help so many people.' Megan can't even remember all the words exchanged next. It's all still too unreal. She knows she called Mary an angel and she knows there are not enough words in her vocabulary to thank Mary enough. Next to the words The Parker Lee Project on that check were the numbers 10,000. Megan was still crying that night as she wrote about this. She has cried off and on since this happened. She is beyond moved and touched. This woman had no reason to do this. She doesn't have a child that TPLP has helped. She's not part of the special needs community. But her soul, her heart, and her husband told her she needed to.

They spoke of God, Heaven, and Marty and Parker up there, watching them, waiting for them. Mary tried to tell Megan that losing Parker was harder than her losing Marty. Megan had to quickly disagree. One is definitely not harder than the other, they are just different. We are not to compare our grief, just help each other through it. And Megan, without a doubt in her heart, knows that Parker and Marty made this happen. They must of met up there and shared stories of Mary and Megan and orchestrated this beautiful, heart warming meeting. For this money secures The Parker Lee Project's future for a long time to come. Which secures Parker's legacy and Megan's passion for that much longer. God bless you Mary. You, alone, have changed a lot more lives than you may ever realize.

Where Do Your Donations Go?

If you have larger medical equipment to donate, such as a bed, we will gladly accept the donation and find a home for it. We do try to locate someone local to your area to avoid freight costs, if at all possible.